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Today at ArmchairBEA we are inviting you to talk about your blogging approach. Have you branched out into your community? Do you partner with other bloggers? Have you gone “pro” or tried generating some income through your blog? If you’re a long-term blogger, how has your online personality developed over the years?

Our blog is built on collaboration with other people. Authors, bloggers, reviewers working together to make a site that is beneficial for all. We aren’t specifically a “review blog” but are definitely a “book” blog. We have gone in the direction of allowing authors to post a variety of information about themselves to our blog so that readers can get to know them and their books.

We count on authors to share their information with us and now we are reaching out proactively to bloggers and reviewers to come to our community and post their reviews so their blogs can get exposure and so our readers can find them. We don’t charge for any of the content, we believe in community and sharing. Yes we have advertising available on our site, but that is over and above the free options.

Bookgoodies has the same opportunity for book bloggers and book reviewers. We want anyone that is looking for readers, that has good information to help readers discover new books, to be a part of our site. We are not territorial, we participate with other book promotion sites, like AwesomeGang.com and Author Marketing Club to help authors gain visibility to reach more potential readers. We create the Reading Room and the Review Matchmaker to help all parts of the book circle to connect and work together without having to dig through everything on the really big sites.

Tell us about things you’ve done to expand your blogging horizons.

BookGoodies was started to promote my books and those of my friends and it exploded from there. Through a series of podcasts we gained immense insight into what authors wanted to be able to do and what our readers were looking for as well. I build my businesses based on the needs of the community. That is a vision that is shared by Karen Garcia and my daughter Liz Fogg that are an integral part of BookGoodies.



Posted on: May 28, 2013

Deborah Carney, Blogger, Photographer, AuthorPlease tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?
My name is Deborah Carney and I have been on the internet since 1980. There wasn’t blogging back then, or even the World Wide Web. There was just text on a green screen, no pretty pictures. I worked at a University and learned early on about the net, using Lynx and email with arcane clients that you had to use to connect. I used the internet for research, I had children diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy that the doctor was hesitant to tell us much about. By the second meeting with the doctor I had a stack of research that blew his mind that he asked if he could copy.

I’ve had websites since the first website building online sites were available. Since by now you know I am a dinosaur so I will skip the rest and fast forward to today and my book blog that I run with Karen Garcia and my daughter, Liz Fogg. Our blog is BookGoodies.com and it has had many iterations through the years. It started as BookGoodies.net with the .com being held hostage by a domainer. The .net site ended up hacked and we were surprised to find the .com available.

I’ve been podcasting since 2005 and one day I decided to put out a call for guests to start a podcast on BookGoodies. Within 24 hours I had more requests than I dreamed and spent July 2012 recording 4 – 5 podcasts a day, 5 days a week! I thought I needed to do them quickly or the authors would forget and not want to. Well I was wrong! Authors love to talk, and I loved talking to them. We have over 150 podcasts with mostly authors, but some author services and a publisher or two. People loved the podcasts, and through talking to authors I realized things that were missing that authors needed. We started to provide options for authors to post their book information, free book days, their bargain books and since I couldn’t interview them all in podcasts we started “self-service” author interviews. We’ve also added the ability for authors to post book excerpts, audiobook samples and even short stories for readers to enjoy.

Have you previously participated in Armchair BEA? If you have not previously participated, what drew you to the event?
Thanks to another blogger, Kriss Morton, I am excited to have discovered Armchair BEA. I was hoping to attend BEA in NYC this week but it didn’t work out. Finding out that I could network with others that couldn’t attend is a great surprise, I may not have time to be in all the activities but will sure try! I’m basically a night owl in Arizona, which puts me going to bed as the East Coast starts getting up.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona ArizonaWhere in the world are you blogging from? Tell a random fact or something special about your current location. Feel free to share pictures.
I’m a Superstorm Sandy refugee living south of Phoenix where I came with my cats 3 weeks after the storm. My daughter lives in this area and found me a house to rent while our home in NYC was demolished and rebuilt. I would love to stay in the Southwest, I love it here. I am close to one of my favorite places on earth, Sedona, Arizona, where I feel peace and strength.

What is your favorite part about the book blogging community?
Book bloggers and authors are very supportive of each other. While podcasting, which has stopped since the Hurricane and I hope to start again later in the year, I learned so much about authors and bloggers that I spoke with and heard them share ideas freely for others to benefit from. Even in our author and blogger interviews on the BookGoodies site, everyone shares a bit of advice. We don’t charge for our book posts and our interviews, but the “cost” is that who ever is writing the post has to share something of value to the readers. Same with the podcasts. We don’t charge our guests for promoting their books or services, but every podcast has tidbits of information for authors or readers.

Is there anything that you would like to see change in the coming years?
I see more indie authors and would like to see more collaboration between authors and reviewers. Right now it is like they are in two separate camps, each afraid to reach out to the other for fear of being taken advantage of. Authors need reviews, reviewers want good books to read, and there needs to be better ways for them to find each other. We are working on hopefully helping with that with our new Review Matchmaker service.

The other thing I would like to see change is authors taking more control over their marketing and not relying on Amazon to do their marketing for them. Book Bloggers can be a big part of this change by being open to having authors on their blogs that are selling independently of Amazon, and by not only reviewing books on their own sites, but posting reviews on the author’s sites as well so that the authors can build a name for themselves outside of Amazon. One of my mantras from being an internet marketer for a very long time is to not build your business on the back of another company. Be in control of your blogs, be in control of your books, be in control of your marketing. You can outsource your marketing of course, but don’t rely on Google or Amazon or any other single company to provide your future income. They care about their own bottom line, not yours.

Looking forward to meeting many people this week through Armchair BEA! If you are so inclined, tell us about your blog and we’ll add you to our site!

My daughter Liz did a google search on her name, which we do from time to time. She found a post she made on a site that had an email address for her that neither of us remembered. I put the domain into Archive.org and not only did she own the domain way back when, but it was a site for parents that had children with disabilities or that had lost children. Here is her about us page, I didn’t even remember she had gone public with this. I had written a short story about her child that died, I will have to look it up now. In 2002 I was deep in grief over the death of her brother Dan and was in NYC trying to cope and had her brother Chris living with me, but I am amazed neither of us remember her starting this site.

About Us

I’m sure many people may wonder why I would put together a site like this. I would like to share with everyone my story and my personal reasons for why I saw a need for Parenting By Parents.

I grew up with 2 brothers with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It was hard since I was the oldest and ended up taking on much of their care. I remember when my parents had to fight the school district in 1984 to allow the older of the 2 to go into a mainstreamed Kindergarten class. You see, although they were in wheelchairs, their form of SMA does not affect their minds or intellect. Obviously things have changed, and the public has become slightly more aware when it comes to people with disabilities, but that does not mean that they understand.

When I was 22, I found out that I was pregnant. I was an unmarried soldier at the time and was scared. Luckily I found the right man just before my world would start to come crashing down. I went through all of the normal tests that you have done during a pregnancy and found that there was the possibility of a chromosome disorder in my baby. No problem, I had volunteered and worked with kids my entire life with various disabilities. I knew what would be involved, but had the test done to see if we could find out exactly what was wrong so that I could be better prepared.

I was told that there was a defect linked to the male chromosome, that would’ve likely been passed on from the father. Unfortunately, I no longer had contact with the father and couldn’t let him know. All they could tell me was that the defect may or may not affect my child once they were born.

What I did not know was that chromosome defects can sometimes cause premature labor. I went on a trip to Florida to meet my husband’s family for Christmas. When we got back, I went back to duty. I hadn’t been back for a week, when the trouble began. I started spotting and immediately when to the post urgent care center. They ran some tests, told me everything was fine, but hooked me up to an IV and sent me to the local hospital. At this point, I knew that they weren’t being honest when they told me everything was fine. The military doctor on call met me at the hospital. I was dilated 2cm and had already ruptured membranes. They needed to get me to the hospital in Syracuse, NY immediately as they were not capable of the preemie care that would be necessary if I gave birth that night. My husband was told to stay home as there was a bad snow storm and to meet me in Syracuse in the morning. I had to spend that night, my first ever in a hospital, alone.

When I got to Syracuse they adjusted my bed so that I was laying intrundel to relieve some of the pressure on my uterus and hopefully stop labor. I was not having any contractions, which was scaring everyone. I remained like that for a week before they decided to let me lie normal and allowed me out of bed to use the restroom. Boy was that a mistake. The first time I got up to use the bathroom, I sneezed and ended up pulling the emergency cord. I could feel my baby’s head!!

The nurses all came in, they sent in an intern to examine me and I was told, yes, they could see the top of the baby’s head but everything was fine. And back to bedrest and intrundel I went. Well, this naturally didn’t sound right, but who was I to question them? This was my first pregnancy!

Now as I said, I wasn’t feeling any contractions, so they would periodically hook me up to machines to monitor whether or not I was actually having any. About a week later, January 15th, 1999, I was on that machine and a nurse came in. There were no contractions being monitored, but she noticed that there was a drop in the baby’s heartrate, so she got someone in there immediately. Upon examination we learned that I was dilated to 10cm! My husband and family had just left so they got me a phone while they were prepping me for delivery. The last ultrasound had shown the baby was still facing the right way.

I called my mom and my husband then tried to prepare myself. We found out the baby was breached so they chose to do a C-Section. I was only 24 weeks along. Once they started the C-Section they realized that my poor son was stuck in the birth canal and they had to do the old fashioned T Cut in order to have enough space to get him out. He was rushed immediately to the NICU. He was bruised all over his poor body. My family arrived while I was in recovery. I was shaking in pain from the contractions that they had to induce after the surgery, and it was too soon for them to give me any pain medication.

Aaron Bruce Ababon survived for just 8 hours. His father and grandmother each held him, although I never got a chance to. He was so small that with the amount of morphine I was on, I was scared I would drop him.

Just 3 months later, I lost my aunt Kathy Jean to cancer. She had survived far longer than we expected, and we all believe it was because she wanted to see her first great-nephew born.

Later in May of 1999, I learned that I was pregnant again. Although I had ultrasounds every 2 weeks, it was a much more pleasant experience and Alec Gene Ababon came into this world Feb 2, 2000.

Alec is a very healthy, happy 2 year old now. Someday we shall tell him of his “older brother.”

During this time, my 2 brothers with SMA left for college. Dan, the youngest went to Hofstra University and later got into New York University’s very prestigious dramatic writing program. Chris went on to Hofstra when Dan went to NYU. Dan spent 2 very happy semesters living his dream come true. He was a finalist for the Emmy Internship that he wanted so badly in Los Angeles, had many scripts in various contests, and suddenly late Sunday May 12th my mother got a call that her 21 year old son had been a passenger in a car accident and was being taken to a hospital in New Jersey. They believed he was fine, although he had been thrown out of his wheelchair through the back window of the van. She told the hospital of his disability and made sure they were aware of his needs. She was leaving NYC on the very next train to get there. Within the 2 hours that it took for mom to get to my brother on May 13th, he had died due to aspiration on the cat scan table.

That is another day that will forever live in my memory. I was awoken at 5am by the doorbell. They had been trying to call me for an hour to tell me that my fuller than life itself, 21 year old brother had been killed. The next days were a blur as I helped my father make the arrangements since my mother was still in New Jersey handling things down there.

Daniel was a role model to the many people with disabilities that he came into contact with. NEVER once did he allow the fact that he was in a wheelchair stop him from doing anything that he wanted to do. He was truly living his dream until it came to a crashing end.

Today, my brother Chris lives in NYC with my mom and I am working to get this website up and running so that it can help others. I am a Work at home Mom to Alec and wouldn’t dream of doing anything else!

I have to rant – sorry… but this is really bugging me. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, the “real” kind, not the “change your diet and you’ll be fine” kind. I get a glucose meter from the Dr. and prescriptions for the lancets and the test strips. Head off to the pharmacy. The lancets are covered by my insurance, you know what those are – you stick your finger with a tiny needle so you can get a drop of blood. So I have the meter and I have the lancets. But wait! The test strips (the thingys that the blood goes ON and goes in the meter to let me see what my glucose level is) need a prior approval. Okay, so I can prick my finger and I have the meter but can’t get the blood to the reader. And what do you know…. the insurance company didn’t approve the strips because I “hadn’t tried something else first”. Really???

So my pharmacist, being the great person she is, calls the company and asks what brand IS covered. We get a prescription from the Dr for those. We thought. That brand required prior approval too. Now I don’t know about you, but once I know I have to track something to be healthy, I want to track it! We are a week past getting the original prescriptions from the Dr and I still don’t have test strips. It gets better. Pharmacist gets on the phone again, bless her soul… she figures out what they will cover and the prescription is written in a way that will let her fill it with those test strips. BUT the insurance doesn’t cover the METER now. Because you get those from the Dr usually. I can call and have the manufacturer send me one…. but for $25 I can just buy one.

How dumb is it that I can get the lancet’s to prick my fingers and the meter to read it and I can’t get test strips covered? How many people don’t bother to follow through and get all the supplies they need and are not able to check their glucose levels? I’m not going to die from diabetes any time soon as long as I take care of things, but if other folks don’t be bossy or persistant, they *could* literally die from the consequences.

Photograhs of butterlies with quotes and butterfly poetry Butterflies have always fascinated photographers and writers Deborah Carney and Vinny O’Hare. In this series of books features their photographs of butterflies with quotes, proverbs and poetry about butterflies.

A Butterfly Lights Beside Us

A butterfly lights beside us, like a sunbeam…
and for a brief moment it’s glory
and beauty belong to our world…
but then it flies on again, and although
we wish it could have stayed,
we are so thankful to have seen it at all.
~ Author Unknown

All our butterfly photographs are taken of live butterflies in the wild or in sanctioned butterfly conservatories.

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Photography eBook: Poetry and Peonies Volume 1: Japanese Tree Peonies

Photography eBook: Poetry and Peonies Volume 1: Japanese Tree Peonies

Peonies have always fascinated me, from the bushes that grew in my Grandmother’s garden years ago to the tree peonies I recently discovered in the Botanical Gardens in New York City. They are so colorful, so playful and yet so serene.

I can, and have, spend hours just looking and drinking in their solitude and beauty.

This book is the first in a series and even though it isn’t all poetry, I hope you will give me poetic license to include quotes and words that are inspirational to me, and hopefully to you.

This book has full color photographs when viewed on Kindle apps or on the Kindle Fire, and the images are also beautiful in black and white when displayed on devices that don’t support color.

Currently available on the Kindle, coming soon for the Nook. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! There are free Kindle Apps for your PC or Mac, plus other devices. Check the Amazon Kindle store to find out your options.

My beautiful baby sister Kathleen was such as inspiration to me. She was several years younger than me and I learned later in life that she was mostly afraid of me as kids. Our parents got divorced when I was a teen and my sisters were still very young. We all adored our dad, and mom was not an easy person to live with. When I turned 18 I moved out and my sisters left my mom to live with our dad. Kathy being the youngest was the most confused and upset by the divorce and the ensuing years. I got married at 19, pregnant at 20 and suddenly at 15 Kathy was pregnant too. She married the baby’s father, even though he was not a great person, but he had shown her affection so she thought it was love. He was a drug addict and one of Kathy’s best friends was a hooker. No, Kathy didn’t go down that road. She left her husband after only a few months and moved back in with our dad, when I asked him why he let Kathy get married he said that kids needed to learn on their own and make their own decisions. His most favorite thing to tell people was “use your common sense”. His story is for another day…
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