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Like many other people I get Google alerts for my name. One popped up in my email box today linking to an article that I hadn’t thought about in a long time! It was published by Corel back before I became involved with CafePress as their affiliate manager, it details how I used CafePress as a shopkeeper to sell my digital art and photography. I used mainly Paint Shop Pro back then and still do for a lot of my digital art creation, when I have time! There are a few inaccuracies, but it was written in early 2005, lots has changed since then!

Here is that article:

New York Photographer Combines Power of Paint Shop Pro with the Internet to Earn a Living

Deborah Carney has been a professional photographer for 30 years. The Rochester, New York, resident’s photos chronicle her passion for the special things in her life, most notably New York and Maine Coon cats.

In 1999, Carney set up a CafePress shop and began selling her photographs on products ranging from T-shirts and mugs to framed prints, greeting cards, and custom postage. CafePress.com is an online marketplace and e-commerce solution that allows anyone with digital photos or images to create and sell products online without the risk of overstock or financial outlay.

At the time, Carney was using L View to scan and crop her photos. Back in the day, she says, L View was “the bomb,” but it had limitations.

Having had some success making her life’s interest her business in the form of her CafePress shop, Debbie was on a constant quest to find a better solution to manage her photography. In 2002 she discovered Paint Shop Pro, and suddenly her business began to take off.

CafePress allows Debbie to offer an unlimited number of her photographs for sale on more than 80 different products. The limitless capabilities of the CafePress system combined with the timesaving features of Paint Shop Pro has allowed her to create an image catalogue of 3,000 images and an online offering of 9,000 products.

By using Paint Shop Pro’s dynamic features and a watercolor plug-in, Carney can scan and process a thousand digital photos overnight.

Recently Carney mastered the Paint Shop Pro Text Tool, and now she can venture into a whole new area of the CafePress Shops — customization.

“I’d recommend that new users get comfortable with the Text Tool early on because it provides you with a lot of personalization options, which is great for your CafePress customers,” she said. Carney recently designed a custom Framed Print Anniversary keepsake for one of her buyers: “Joe and Jean’s Wedding Day, Las Vegas Oct 20, 2000.”

Carney is still discovering all that Paint Shop Pro can do. “With all the text tools, tons of plug-ins, frames and borders options, there are millions of ways to apply them to the photos I’ll use on the CafePress products,” she said.

In fact, she enjoys using the Picture Frames to turn her images into different shapes like hearts and ovals for romantic gifts.

Her best tip for new users: “Learn how to crop right away and set those timesaving defaults.”

“I can’t even imagine running my CafePress shops without Paint Shop Pro,” she said.

CafePress is a quick, easy and free way for artists and photographers like you to start an online business, simply by sharing your creativity with the world. Knowing Paint Shop Pro gives you a competitive edge on creating well-designed product and a well-stocked shop.

Who said artists have to starve?

Start your own CafePress store, sign-up today!



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